2010 started off like a bang for Dr. Cranham! On February 24th, and 25th The American Equilibration Society held its annual meeting in Chicago. This organization is recognized as one of the worlds leading academy’s focusing on facial pain, TMJ problems, and the resolution of bite related issues. While he has been a member of this organization for 15 years, this is the first time he has had the honor of addressing the group.

With several hundred Dentists in attendance from all over the world, Dr. Cranham’s topic was “Posterior Stabilization”. He had 90 minutes to discuss his philosophy on how patients bites are idealized after the resolution of TMJ problems. He discussed the various types of appliances and therapies he utilizes during phase one treatment, and then discussed the utilization of orthodontics, restorative dentistry and in some cases jaw surgery to make the patients occlusion (bite) Ideal. His presentation was extremely well received.

The next week he traveled to Palm Springs, CA and addressed The American Academy of Dental Practice Administration (AADPA). He had the honor of being the Keynote speaker on March 4th, the first full day of the Meeting. This organization focuses on the personal and professional growth of the Dentist & Dental team.

His topic was the The Seven Principles of Transformation. This heart felt presentation discussed the journey of his adopted son from a 1 pound nine once premie, to a vibrant, strong 17 year old boy. His story was used to illustrate how Cornell’s principles can be used in our own fitness goals, business, personal growth and even relationships. His three hour presentation ended with a 2 minute standing ovation!!

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