Yesterday, April 27th, I had the opportunity to provide a unique educational experience for the annual American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry meeting, this year in Dallas, Texas. What was unique about it, is that I was in Chesapeake, Virginia as we were doing our presentation!

Dr. Albert Konikoff (the Periodontist that I work with), and I did a live patient demonstration, showing a team approach to handling a very difficult clinical situation. My job was to replace 2 dental crowns, and 2 Dental bridges in the front of the patient’s mouth, while Albert’s job was to show a couple of different soft tissue grafting techniques that will make the gums healthy, stable, and symmetrical.

Our dental office in Chesapeake, is equipped with an clinical room that has 4 cameras and the ability to broadcast over the world wide web. While we worked, a room full of Dentist’s could watch and hear our narration, as we did the procedure over the course of the morning.

As I watched Albert do his incredible work, it reminded me how important it is to begin every treatment plan with a clear visual picture of the end result. This is even more critical when multiple Doctors will be involved in the patient care.

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