Do you have a smile that you feel is leaves much to be desired? If you suffer from cracked, worn or chipped teeth and would like a perfect smile then Dr. John Cranham can help you. Crowns, inlays and on lays are all great solutions from some of the most common dental problems that seem to stand in the way of having the perfect smile.

Applying crowns to a person’s teeth are a great dental solution to help patients who are suffering from missing teeth, as a measure to give support for damaged or worn down teeth, to help correct chewing problems, to help in relieving pain that is a result from compromised teeth and to help prevent permanent damage to teeth that patient has had a root canal performed on and are prone to breaking. The procedure for applying a dental crown to your tooth is first done by numbing your tooth and the surrounding tissue. The dentist will then shape your tooth by decreasing the size of your tooth. This also helps to form a surface in which the crown with hold to. A dental impression is made from a putty dental molding. The traditional method would involve sending the impression of your tooth or teeth to a dental lab to have a permanent crown made for your tooth. This process could easily take a week or longer before the permanent crown could be placed over your tooth resulting in another dental visit. However, with the advancements in technology, Dr. John Cranham uses the E4D technology procedure to complete the permanent crown within one hour in his office without the need for the dental lab procedure. The E4D process uses an ipod like device that can be used right at your chair side and does not even require the use of a dental lab. Dr. Cranham is the only dentist in this area who specializes in this new breakthrough procedure although he is hoping this changes with his determination in instructing others on this procedure and its importance in the dental field.

The E4D dental procedure is also used in the office for installing overlays and inlays when needed. There is no longer a need for multiple visits before you can feel the benefits of having that perfect smile. Unlike the lengthy traditional methods for applying crowns, inlays and onlays to a patient’s teeth which results in several dental appointments from the start of these dental procedures until the finished results are reached, the E4D dental technology is giving Dr. John Cranham the ability to offer his patients immediate results within one hour during the initial visit.

So instead of many painful hours of sitting in a treatment which are spread out over what seems to be a lengthy time frame and multiple visits, it is now possible to walk out of the dental office within one hour and have a smile that you are definitely pleased with. So do not wait. Contact the office of Dr. John Cranham today to see how this breakthrough dental technology can benefit you.

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