Relatively new here in the U.S., fluoride varnishes have been used in other countries since the 1980s. Since I can remember, both as a patient and as a hygienist, fluoride foam and trays have been the norm. Not being big on change, I had been hesitant to start using the varnish. Now I love it! Just a few of the advantages of the varnish:

  1. application is quick and easy
  2. less mess
  3. sets even in the presence of saliva
  4. stays in contact with the tooth surface for an extended period of time
  5. greater patient acceptability, especially with toddlers and adults with severe gag reflexes
  6. minimal ingestion during and after treatment

Post op instructions for patients are easy: don’t brush or floss for at least 4-6 hours, eating soft foods and drinking is okay during the treatment time. This is a big plus for patients, not having to wait 30 minutes to an hour.

Varnishes are supported by the ADA as a safe and effective form of fluoride application. So if you haven’t made the switch, give it a try.

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