Professional teeth whitening can give you a dazzling smile. The costs are minimal compared to porcelain restorations. While many over-the-counter remedies are available, people with stained teeth will get their best results from a visit to a cosmetic dentist. These dentists offer two options: an in-office treatment or the purchase of a take-home whitening application tray. The in-office treatment provides results after an hour; the take-home kit offers results over an extended period. Both treatments are effective and affordable.

In-Office Procedure

The process starts with cleaning and removing plaque, and then a professional strength peroxide gel is used on the teeth. The final step is the use of a special laser light that activates the gel and optimizes the teeth whitening effect. The entire process takes an hour and the result is that the teeth are whitened by about 10 shades.

Treatment Options

Usually a single treatment is sufficient, but in cases where teeth have deep stains—for example, with people who use tetracycline medications—the procedure may have to be repeated again. On the other hand, those with sensitive teeth should limit it to one procedure.

There are many options available in cosmetic marketing today and professional treatment is a perfect way to get a dazzling smile. In addition, the treatment is mild enough for those with sensitive teeth. Most dentists use products from Rembrandt or Zoom, the main manufacturers, and the results are similar. The cost for the procedure depends on the dentist, the option chosen, and the local economy of the region.

Take-Home Procedures

Dentists dispense special take-home whitening kits for those who want to bleach their teeth over an extended period. These custom-designed trays cost about a hundred dollars and offer far superior results to over-the-counter remedies. They are superior because the bleach stays on the teeth longer, because saliva does not dilute the bleaching agent, and because the bleaching agent does not seep into the gums and irritate them.

Finding a Dentist

To learn more about where to get professional laser teeth whitening, visit They will answer questions about professional treatments and explain the best procedures to perfect your smile.

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