Teeth serve many functions. They help us speak properly, give us the confidence to smile and converse with other people, help us eat foods by chewing, and support facial structure. Not many people realize that even one missing tooth can impact oral health and compromise your smile in a negative way. With the use of fixed dental bridges, the lack of smiles due to missing teeth can be restored as well as oral health restoration.

Dental Bridge: What is it?

A dental bridge is a dental device that contains one or more prosthetic teeth to fill gaps and bring the smile back to your lips. This dental device is permanently attached to neighboring teeth that are healthy. Before the attachment of this dental device, the neighboring teeth have to be prepared by placing crowns on the teeth. If the neighboring teeth are in poor oral status, dental implants may be suggested to fix this dilemma.

Do I Need A Bridge?

If you are missing teeth and want to regain that confidence with speech and even smiling, a bridge can:
– Restore facial shape by supporting lips and cheeks
– Decreases the stress on your gum’s and surrounding tissue caused by missing teeth
– Decrease the risk of gum disease
– Improves speech quality and clarity

The Process for Getting A Dental Bridge

The process for attaching a dental bridge can take up to two to three appointments. Preparation of the neighboring teeth will be done on the first visit. Some enamel will be removed and then an impression of the teeth along wit the gap between will be taken. This impression is sent off to a skilled technician that then prepares your dental bridge according to your impression. Then your neighboring teeth will be crowned. By the last visit your bridge will then be attached permanently in place and that confidence and good oral health is restored.

Cleaning the dental bridge is just like cleaning your own teeth. Resume regular brushing and flossing like a patient with do with their own teeth. Oral hygiene is a must since your bridge relies on those neighboring teeth and their overall health.

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