A smile is one of the first things that we see in a person. It is also one of the things remembered. That is because when we talk with someone, we look in their eyes, and occasionally at their mouth, especially if they are laughing or smiling. Subconsciously, we take note of the person’s smile with whom we are talking with. We notice beautiful smiles as much as we do not-so-beautiful smiles.

Obviously then, when we are talking with someone they are doing the exact same thing to us. People with beautiful smiles take this oddity of life in stride because they are not self-conscious about their teeth. People with not-so-beautiful smiles, however, smile smaller, laugh less exuberantly and have small habits that they have carefully cultivated over the years such as covering their mouths when they smile and laugh, looking downwards at that moment or looking off into the distance, and thereby, hoping their smiles are less noticed.

There are many ways in which to correct smiles that we are not happy about and one of the more popular methods used today are with the use of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are very thin ceramic shells that fit over a person’s teeth. They close gaps, hide stains, misshapen or chipped teeth and any other tooth imperfections as well. Veneers reflect light the same way that natural tooth enamel reflects light allowing them to look, as well as feel, totally natural. Veneers are so natural-looking, in fact, that many people will assume that you have merely whitened your teeth.

With good dental hygiene, porcelain veneers will stay pretty for at least ten years, maybe more. Veneers are extremely stain-resistant; the foods and drinks that normally stain real teeth do not stain veneers and neither does tobacco. Eat, drink and be merry as long as you practice proper dental hygiene; brushing after meals, flossing every day and using a dental rinse with fluoride (or as your dentist instructs) should keep those pearly white, pearly white.

Having porcelain veneers put on usually requires just 3 appointments with a follow-up visit a week or so after the veneers have been placed on your teeth. Sensitivity to heat and cold can be expected but should go away after a week or so.

After all is said and done, you will be one of those people with the beautiful smiles. Smile often and laugh exuberantly.

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