Advanced Restorative Dentistry is treatment to restore teeth to an attractive healthy position. Many people have cosmetic procedures that are not successful and lead to worn or broken teeth, sore joints and muscles and an unattractive smile. It can be painful at worst and inconvenient at best to continue with teeth not in the correct position and broken. Advanced Restorative Dentistry can give a long term solution for the problem.

First, a thorough diagnosis is required. There are mild cases and very serious cases of dysfunctional teeth. There are treatments for the jaw joints and muscles as well as for the teeth. It is an interdisciplinary, integrated approach and may require the attention of an orthodontist for straightening healthy teeth, or an oral surgeon for replacing teeth with dental implants or crowning. In some cases a full mouth reconstruction is required for a full set of healthy teeth and a happy face.

There is a wide range of treatments available for each situation, and each plays its role for giving the patient healthy teeth and gums. Braces, fillings, root canals, veneers, bridges, whitening, plastic surgery for the gums, rebuilding bone and gums and grafting are a few of the treatments that could be combined in one mouth. Each tooth has its own story and needs its own kind of care. This is why advanced restoration dentistry uses an integrated approach.

The patient will be educated about their dental status and what it means for the future. Creating beauty is not the only consideration. It is important and is the result of any treatment necessary, but complex functional and biological problems also need attention in order for the treatment to return the patient to oral health that will last for years.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is another problem many people live with because they are not aware that a dentist can help. Headaches and aching jaws are symptoms of problems in the mouth such as deteriorating teeth and jaw joints. Advanced restoration dentistry takes care of all problems contributing to teeth that don’t function properly or look good. The latest technology enables the dentist to diagnose every issue.

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