Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures have provided ways to improve and restore patient smiles. Many people suffer from cracked, broken, missing, or crooked teeth in their daily life. Some people do not seek dental treatments because they have a genuine fear of a dentist or are not educated about the latest corrective procedures. Modern treatments now exist to provide relief to patients that have struggled with dental irregularities and these transformations provide a new lease on a great smile.

Dental crowns are a cosmetic dental procedure to help correct patient smiles. Dental crowns are used to cover a missing tooth or badly damaged tooth that results from tooth decay or oral injuries. A dental crown can be manufactured from porcelain, metal, or zirconia. The type of material chosen will depend on the aesthetic needs of each patient. The dental crown is permanently bonded to the damaged tooth with a strong dental resin creating a new permanent tooth that is indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

A professional ceramist manufactures dental crowns specifically for dentists. The attractiveness of the dental crown is attributed to the precision craftsmanship that is put into each sculptured section to fit accurately onto each tooth. Patients that choose a dental crown are often amazed at the exterior appearance of their newly formed smile. The dental crown procedure is completed easily in two short dental visits and is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. While waiting for the manufacture of the dental crown by the professional ceramist, a temporary dental crown is installed during the first visit.

Dental crowns can be installed individually or used to cover multiple teeth. For multiple teeth coverage, the dental crown is used with a dental bridge. The bridge is fused to the existing teeth and the dental crowns cover gaps or spacing that results from missing teeth. Dental crowns have changed the way that patients view options to restore their smile. For most restorations, dental crowns are the perfect choice for rebuilding teeth to resemble a natural appearance. Dental crowns are the preferred treatment by many dentists to repair irregularities and transform patient smiles.

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