If your teeth are discolored or stained and you want to find a good way to brighten your smile that is reasonably priced, you are a likely candidate for professional teeth whitening. This procedure can remove the discoloration and embarrassing stains caused by beverages, food, medication, tobacco and the aging process.

Making the right choice

You may have experimented with over-the-counter products, such as whitening strips, special toothpastes and gels, only to discover that any noticeable improvement was very gradual. What is even worse, they may have even caused damage to your teeth and gums. By way of contrast, when a patient’s teeth whitening is supervised by a dentist, it is known to be effective—and it is also the safest form of cosmetic dentistry being practiced today.

Zoom! Whitening in the office

While you spend approximately an hour in the dentist chair, this superior bleaching system can brighten your smile by as much as eight shades. As you relax, a gel will be applied to your teeth and activated by a special light to do the job to your satisfaction in a remarkably short space of time.

Other Options

Many dental patients feel more comfortable with the idea of brightening their smile gradually, and if you are one of them, note that your dentist will also provide take-home teeth whitening for that purpose. You will be given professional-strength bleaching gel and custom-made trays to use with it. (In most cases, you will need to wear the solution for a few hours on a daily basis.) Then, you will soon discover that while the gel removes stains quickly, it has no adverse effect on your existing dental work or the structure of your teeth. Using this “back-up plan” is an excellent way to have a dazzling smile in between visits to your dentist.

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