According to a report by AARP, in 2011, 2.5 million people will turn 65.  That averages about 7,000 people per day between January 1 and December 31, 2011.  Dr. Cranham notes that this population is underserved when it comes to dental care. “Baby boomers have a higher dental IQ than previous generations.  And they are keeping their teeth longer.”  With the closure of many dental schools across the country over the past few decades, there is a shortage of dentists and an increasing number of patients.

Much of Dr. Cranham’s practice is devoted to complex dental cases.  These are patients who need significant dental work to correct functional and esthetic problems.  “Patients 50 years and older tend to have significant issues,” Dr. Cranham says.  “No dental problem gets better with time.”  Dr. Cranham treats his patients with a comprehensive approach, giving individual time and attention to each patient.  This type of approach allows him to deliver more precise treatment with high success rates.

In addition, Dr. Cranham has integrated the latest technologies and techniques into his practice making him well equipped to handle complex dental cases.  State-of-the-art technology like Cone Beam Computerized Tomography gives Dr. Cranham a 3D Xray image of the patient for more accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Cranham divides his time between his practice and a rigorous lecture and teaching schedule.  He is the Clinical Director of The Dawson Academy and an internationally recognized speaker on Restorative Dentistry topic.  Educating other dentists is very important to him.  As an active educator teaching many hands-on courses, Dr. Cranham instills the message of starting with a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan to achieve optimal esthetic and functional results.

This training has inspired thousands of dentists to integrate Dr. Cranham’s teachings and the principles of The Dawson Academy into their own practices.  These methods and techniques will make dentists throughout the country better equipped to handle the complex dental needs of the baby boomer generation.  With Dr. Cranham’s help and the help of other Dawson trained dentists, our senior population will keep on smiling.

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