Losing teeth is one of the most traumatic medical instances for a dental patient. Avoiding tooth loss is one of the single biggest aims in all of dentistry, making the loss of teeth an incredibly discouraging event. Thankfully the replacement options for teeth have grown over the years. When someone loses teeth now, it’s a matter of finding the most comfortable and affordable replacement solution. For awhile, tooth loss will hinder eating, speaking, and even smiling. Thanks to dental bridges, function can be fully restored.

A dental bridge contains prosthetic teeth that replace missing teeth. The device replaces one or more missing teeth in a comfortable, attractive fashion. The “bridge” is anchored in the mouth in a natural position by using healthy teeth to stabilize the ends of the device. People that need a bridge will find that it serves many useful functions:

– Supports the lips and cheeks like natural teeth do
– Decrease stress on the tissues and gums
– Reduces the risk of gum disease
– Improves speech

To install a dental bridge, your dentist will need to schedule two or three appointments to accomplish the task. The dentist takes impressions of your smile and teeth to ensure that your dental bridge fits comfortably. Technicians at a dental lab will craft your bridge customized to the impressions taken by your dentist. The teeth on both sides of the gap will be crowned. These two teeth are where the bridge will be attached.

The dental bridge is constructed of non-precious alleys, porcelain, gold alloys, or different combination of these materials. Bridges are one of the most convenient teeth replacement options available. They are attached to real teeth and function the same as real teeth would function. They don’t need to be removed. You can take care of a dental bridge in the same way you take care of natural teeth. They can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth.

The procedure for replacing teeth with a dental bridge is extremely convenient and comfortable. Once the bridge is in place, it functions like real teeth and enables the patient to begin speaking, eating, and feeling more confident.

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