Several different therapies are available to treat pain associated with TMJ disorder. For determining the proper therapy, a dentist who is well experienced in TMJ problems should evaluate the jaw-to-bite relationship and provide the correct therapy. Because TMJ treatment is aimed at conservative therapy to treat pain and other symptoms of this disorder, usual therapies may include the use of an appliance, restorations or orthodontic treatments to correct the improper bite. A crucial step in prescribing a TMJ therapy is the extensive examination of the temporomandibular joint. Because most causes of this disorder are due to an improper bite, a careful examination can provide the dentist with clear-cut evidence showing exactly where the problem is occurring for proper diagnoses and therapy treatment.

Mouth Guard or Splint Appliance Therapy
Based on the clinical findings and the symptoms, dentists can create many different types of appliances to improve bite, giving the lower jaw the ability to fall correctly into the socket of the temporomandibular joint. A TMJ splint or mouth guard can be worn, which helps reduce any stress placed on the jaw and allows the muscles to move easily. Splints and mouth guards also help to relieve pain as they help to reposition the lower jaw so it rests into the socket correctly.

Occlusal Equilibration Therapy
Occlusal equilibration is a therapy that is used when the cause of TMJ is due to the bite surface of the teeth. This therapy involves the reshaping of the teeth where the improper biting surfaces are located. This allows the jaw to close correctly into its position of the temporomandibular socket, relieving pain.

Because TMJ can affect the joint of the jaw and the muscles of the face, neck and surrounding nerves, a correct diagnosis is very important for successful treatment. The newest technology available for correctly identifying TMJ and its cause are the Tekscan computerized bite analysis, Cone Beam Computerized Tomography and the Joint Vibration Analysis. These advanced diagnostic tools allow the dentist to see exactly where the problem is occurring for better diagnosing and proper therapy. For more information on therapies for TMJ visit,

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