Advanced restoration dentistry is the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the teeth that can include anything from an unattractive smile to broken teeth. It is also used to correct problems such as pain in the teeth or jaw. Advanced restoration dentistry is a long-term solution to dental problems that may have been previously treated unsuccessfully.

The term advanced restoration dentistry is a general one, so before any dental procedures are undertaken, it will be necessary for the patient to have a consultation and complete exam. This will determine how severe the patient’s problems are and a treatment plan will be made to address the issues involved with their dysfunctional teeth.

Advanced restoration dentistry is an integrated approach which combines the talents of many types of dental specialists. For example, both an orthodontist and oral surgeon may be required to complete treatment on one patient. Some of the typical procedures that take place with advanced restoration dentistry are braces, fillings, root canals, veneers, bridges, whitening, plastic surgery, rebuilding bone and gums and grafting.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is another type of issue common to advanced restoration dentistry. This is a condition that causes pain in the jaw, as well as the face, ears and neck. It can cause extreme difficulty with chewing food and therefore lead to a nutritional breakdown. Unfortunately, there is not a good awareness among the general public that TMJ is a condition dentists can easily fix so it is often left untreated.

Dental technology has come a long way in just the past few years, making it possible to complete in one visit what used to take several. More and more, pictures of the mouth that are needed for treatment are being obtained through digital images, replacing the X-ray machines which concerned some patients. The scraping and prodding of the teeth which is done to locate tooth decay is giving way to digital detection as well.

Fear of going to the dentist is a common one, but if you are in need of advanced restoration dentistry, you may be pleasantly surprised that there is little to fear and much to gain.

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