Dental technology continues to improve, providing safer and more efficient methods for diagnosing and treating patients. Digital radiography is one such example that offers patients a much safer way of having dental x-rays taken, without the high exposure of radiation that conventional x-rays emit. As well as digital x-rays offering an extremely safer method of imaging patients teeth, additional advantages include immediate observation of the x-rays, the ability to enhance the images, easy electronic storing of the data and the ability to send x-rays to other dentists and specialists for quick consultations.

Significant Reduction in Radiation Exposure
Digital x-rays offer patients a safer mode of obtaining images needed for diagnosing dental problems. With digital radiography, radiation emitted is approximately 90% less than conventional dental x-rays and when multiple images are taken, radiation exposure is about the same as one x-ray taken using conventional x-ray methods. This offers not only patients requiring a single x-ray, but those who need several images taken as when placing dental implants, a significant reduction in radiation exposure.

Immediate Viewing of Dental Structures
Another positive aspect of using digital radiography is it allows dentists to view dental structures immediately. This provides the patient with less time sitting in the dental chair, waiting for the results of x-rays and provides the dentist with the advantage of immediate diagnoses for treatment. With immediate viewing, dentists can also accomplish oral procedures more efficiently and effectively, which is especially vital during implant surgery, dental crown fitting and other procedures that require precise placement.

Better Imagery
Digital radiography offers dentists a clearer picture of both external and internal dental structures. Contrast of images can be made lighter or darker, images can be enlarged and color enhancements can be achieved for better detection of problems. Dentists can view dental structures better by seeing not only cavities, but also the health of bones and the roots and nerves of teeth. Moreover, digital x-rays provide an improved method of diagnosing tumors and cysts. This feature can also be highly effective for helping patients become educated on their dental health.

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