A dental bridge is used to bridge the gap between missing teeth that have been lost due to injury, surgery or other means. A dental bridge is literally just what its name implies; using whole teeth as an anchor, replacement false teeth are used to fill the gap between. Many modern bridges are so well made by using advance technology, that they are permanent and indistinguishable from a person’s natural teeth.

A dental bridge is a viable option for many people who have lost teeth from any variety of reasons, but do not need a full set of dentures. The patient’s gums have to be in relatively good condition for a bridge; diseased gums may become more irritated or infected if false teeth are inserted where natural teeth are missing. The anchor teeth, too, must be firm and not in any danger of falling out, for these help support the dental bridge. There are several types of bridges available, and talking to your dentist about which options work best for your particular type of tooth loss will help you select which is most viable.

Before you have a bridge made, you will have to undergo a process in which the dentist reshapes the anchor teeth so a permanent crown can be fitted over them. You will also get a temporary bridge to wear while the new crowns are being made in a dental laboratory to help protect your gums and reshaped teeth.

The second visit will usually include making sure the teeth are ready to have the permanent bridge placed. After this is done, the dentist will fit the permanent bridge into your mouth and use a temporary tooth cement to bind it into place. The temporary cement will hold the new bridge in place firmly, but will help to ensure it fits correctly after a number of weeks. Adjustments can then be made by the dentist as needed.

Once the new bridge is fitted correctly, permanent tooth cement will be used. Afterward, the bridge cannot be removed without surgical procedure, and the replacement process is finished.

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