If you’ve had fillings put in in the past, you may have gotten the silver amalgam fillings of days gone by. However, there are more comfortable and attractive options on the market today. Luckily, Cranham Smiles can help.

Today, composite resin fillings are taking the place of amalgam fillings. The resin fillings are less noticeable and more comfortable and durable than their silver counterparts, and since they’re tooth-colored, people won’t even notice you’ve had dental work done. And if your silver fillings are starting to fall out, you’ll definitely need a replacement.

If you notice that you have mouth pain, you may need fillings for the first time. If plaque builds up on teeth, acid will deteriorate the tooth and cause decay. This can be painful and should be treated quickly before the problem progresses. Resin fillings are the way to go, especially considering that metal fillings can actually deteriorate over time. When this happens, bacteria gets through little openings in the filling, causing more tooth problems. Also, the mercury in amalgam fillings can stain your teeth and gums.

Tooth problems sometimes go beyond needing a simple filling, though. Large cavities often need a bit more work, and a porcelain inlay will cover the entire surface of the tooth. Some people may even need a dental crown that covers the entire tooth if the tooth is weak and breaking.

Cranham Smiles’ Cosmetic Dentistry of Norfolk has specialists who perform basic, general dentistry; cosmetic dentistry; advanced, restorative dentistry; and treatment of bite problems. And since a gorgeous smile can’t be the one and only outcome of a visit to the dentist, the staff at Cranham Smiles will make sure that your teeth are healthy and strong underneath their outward beauty. Plus, you’ll be able to see the projected outcome of your procedure before you have any work done, thanks to the office’s digital imaging technology.

Visit CranhamSmiles.com for more information. You can find out about the staff, treatments and technology at Cranham Smiles, sign up for dental training, find a seminar, see before and after procedures, and read patient testimonials on their website.

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