It is not uncommon for an event in life to leave you with a large gap between your teeth. Sometimes the gap is the result of a tooth that was knocked out in an accident. Others may be embarrassed by misshapen teeth. Teeth can lose conventional shape after a fall where the tooth is cracked. It is necessary for some to get rid of the gaps in their teeth because they can be embarrassing. Closing the gap, through a process in which porcelain veneers are used, can significantly improve self-esteem and happiness.

Porcelain veneers are shells used to cover the teeth to close gaps or hide teeth that might be considered unsightly. Veneers are meant to look like natural teeth with real enamel, so people will be unable to tell that you have them. The process of installing veneers takes just three visits to the dental office. Initially the dentist will examine the teeth and discuss the plan of action with the patient. Next is an appointment that generally takes two hours. This is the appointment in which the mouth is prepared for installation. Enamel is removed from the existing teeth and a temporary cover may be provided. Sometimes dentists will provide anesthesia for the patient but is not absolutely necessary. After an impression of the teeth is taken, a technician will sculpt the veneers. This may take up to three weeks. The final appointment takes less than two hours and the veneers are bonded to the existing teeth. The dentist will take great measures to ensure that the color of the veneers matches the color of the teeth.

After getting veneers some people express sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Still, veneers are worth the cost for many dental patients. Veneers can improve the appearance of the teeth by closing any gaps. Many people express an improvement in self-esteem after replacing teeth with veneers.

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