As technology advances, sophisticated dental innovations have come to life, such as CEREC, soft tissue dental lasers and X-rays. This has changed every patient’s dental experience, making procedures painless, fast and convenient. Unlike before, people who have problems with their teeth need not undergo long dental procedures and recovery.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC, allows for the creation of a 3D map of the teeth through the use of advanced imaging technology. The images produced are used as a guide in designing inlays, crowns and veneers so that they fit the patient perfectly. Using this technique, patients can go through all of the steps in the procedure in just one visit, from imaging, to the creation of the ceramics and fitting.

Another innovation, the soft dental laser, is among the fastest dental procedures an individual can undergo. The recovery time is quick and patients are kept comfortable. The laser can manipulate gum tissue, reposition and recontour in order for any dental procedure to go on without hassles and interruption. It automatically sterilizes gum tissue to avoid infection and promote the start of the healing process. Through this technique, defective root surfaces can be easily detected and cured to revive the tissues and make them look healthy again. Problems like lesions, whether they are herpetic, aphthous or canker types, can also be removed. Therefore, patients will not suffer from pain and discomfort. These lasers also save the gums and teeth from future damage.

The latest dental X-rays feature less radiation than the traditional ones. With this, patients can undergo the same procedure without worrying about the effects of radiation. The images are accurate, making it easy for dentists to diagnose problems. All these technologies eliminate the fear that people feel when visiting a dental clinic and having their teeth and gums fixed.

Most importantly, these innovations allow more people to pay extra attention to their dental health. From admission to discharge, procedures using these techniques are guaranteed to be very effective with no bleeding, less anesthesia, no more sutures and more teeth preserved.

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