A beautiful smile is something we all desire. Not only can a pretty smile be inviting and attractive, it can be an indication of good health. A great smile is something that can truly boost your self-esteem, but if your teeth are not in good shape, it is hard to find anything to smile about.

Luckily, today there are a multitude of procedures out there that can help you get the smile you deserve. From basic treatments like teeth whitening, to more advanced procedures like dental implants, it is easier than ever to improve both your smile and your confidence.

In case of teeth whitening there are several options. One option is having the procedure done in your dentist’s office where a dentist or hygienist will apply a highly concentrated peroxide gel to your teeth. This generally takes around 15 to 20 minutes. In other cases the dentist will dispense whitening kits that can be taken home and used.

If your smile needs a little more help, there are more treatment options out there. For instance, bonding is a great alternative if you have a gap in your teeth. In this procedure a tooth colored resin material is applied to the teeth to fill in the gap and is then hardened using a special light. Still more alternatives include veneers and crowns.

Veneers are thin pieces of ceramic that are placed over the teeth to make them whiter and improve their appearance. In the case of crowns, they may be used for a variety of reasons, from enhancing a smile to reinforcing a weak tooth. Crowns are “caps” that are placed over the tooth surface that is above the gum line and “cemented” into place. Whichever option you choose, improving your smile will certainly improve your self-esteem.

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