From the moment you walk into the dental office of Dr. John C. Cranham, you are greeted with a state of the art facility with the most modern technology available to dentists in Chesapeake. You will be met with the very friendly and professional team that Dr. Cranham hand selected to run his family dentistry office.

Dr. John C. Cranham graduated with honors from the Medical College of Virginia in 1988. He has continued to be a leader and well respected international speaker on many areas of dental education through his programs known as Cranham Dental Seminars. He teaches other dentists around the world through different lectures, mobile programs and intensive hands-on training. In 2008, Cranham Dental Seminars joined with The Dawson Academy, a world-renowned continuing education facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Dr. Cranham is the acting Clinical Director of the Dawson Academy. He teaches other dental professionals family dentist and general dentist courses.

Dr. Cranham divides his time between his own dentist office and his teaching practice, which he feels gives him a good balance of devoting his time as a dentist in Chesapeake while keeping up with the latest technology and practices through his teaching programs.

Dr. Cranham is a well-respected author who continues to develop educational programs for the modern day dentist office that keeps him and his students on the leading edge of an ever-evolving field of dental progression.

If you want a dentist in Chesapeake who provides some of the best general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, Dr. Cranham is the perfect choice for you. With his experience and skills, Dr. Cranham takes on some of the most complex cases in restorative dentistry. You no longer have to have to suffer from low self-esteem because of an embarrassing smile. As a local dentist, you will want to refer all your friends and family to Dr. Cranham when you see your results.

If you are new to Chesapeake and want to find a dentist for all your family needs, we are here to provide you with a complete treatment plan suited just for you.

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