Restorative dentistry is one of the different forms of dentistry available at the dentist office in Chesapeake, Virginia. Restorative dentistry revolves around treating the teeth and restoring them so that they are in better condition than before, especially if there is decay or damage. Dr. Cranham is a restorative dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia. Dr. Cranham is a versatile dentist but he focuses primarily on restorative dentistry because he wants to help patients achieve healthy teeth. Anyone who wants to find a dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia who offers restorative dentistry can visit the dental office of Dr. Cranham.

In order to begin the process of restoring the teeth, the patient will need to visit the dentist office in Chesapeake, Virginia. Restorative dentistry always starts off with a diagnosis of the condition of the teeth. Dr. Cranham has to take a close look at the teeth to see what is going on and whether or not there is any decay or damage. As a local restorative dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia, Dr. Cranham will provide you with detailed information on the treatment that will be best for each patient’s situation. Dr. Cranham feels that it is necessary to talk with each patient about the treatment so that they understand the process of the restorative procedures before they make a final decision.

Some of the restorative dental procedures that Dr. Cranham offers include dental implants and dental crowns. Dr. Cranham will replace a missing or damage tooth with a dental implant, which he molds and puts together so that it will match with the rest of the teeth. Dr. Cranham uses the dental crown to repair teeth that are chipped or broken. The crowns are customized for each patient and help to restore the teeth in a natural way. There are several different materials that may be used to put these crowns together, which includes porcelain and metal materials. A dental crown can ultimately improve the appearance of the teeth while also making it easier to chew. The dental crowns are a complete restoration process that will not take too much time to be completed.

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