Your teeth may be healthy and straight, but your smile is lacking if teeth are discolored.
The foods you eat, and the beverages you drink plus other daily habits can stain your teeth over time, even if you brush regularly. Teeth whitening are the simple solution. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and you will want to make a good impression.

Some people try to whiten their teeth on their own, but this may not give you the results you need and want. Over-the-counter products are messy, usually take many applications and do not provide the optimal whitening that professional bleaching can offer. In addition, mouth and gum irritation is very common after using over-the-counter whiteners.

If you are getting ready for an important date, a wedding, a photo shoot, a job interview or any other occasion when you want to look your best, you will want results fast. This is why Dr. Cranham offers a quick smile makeover.

During this procedure, you will sit back and relax as a quick-acting bleaching gel is carefully applied to your teeth. After the gel has been applied, your teeth will be exposed to a special light, which works with the bleaching agent to whiten your teeth. In only an hour, your teeth will be several shades lighter.

In addition to this ultra-fast bleaching service, you will receive a custom mouth tray and whitening gel to take home. This can be used when your teeth start to lose their brightness, preventing the need to go through the in-office procedure as often.

Those who are not in a hurry for a quick, dramatic change may forego the quick smile makeover and simply schedule a visit for the custom-fit whitening tray and accompanying, professional strength bleaching gel.

Call Dr. Cranham to set up your appointment. The office is conveniently located at 1207 Volvo Parkway, Suite 200 Chesapeake, Virginia 23320.

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