Recent advances in modern dental technologies can open up a whole new world for dental patients, especially those with dental anxiety or those in need of more complex procedures.

Dr. John Cranham, a general and cosmetic dentist in Chesapeake offers his dental patients some of the latest in dental technology.

Incorporating some of the best technology available to dentists today has enabled Dr. Cranham to more effectively diagnose and treat patients with complex dental problems such as TMJ. It also enables him to provide patients with a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Through the use of Laser Dentistry, Dr. Cranham can perform surgical procedures with less bleeding, swelling and recovery time because the laser allows him to make precise incisions that frequently don’t require the use of stitches. Many patients do not require anesthesia for these procedures either, another benefit that decreases recovery time.

In addition to Laser Dentistry, Dr. Cranham also offers the unique convenience of E4D same day dentistry. This technology can produce porcelain restorations in one day! This is especially helpful for those patients who have had a crown or tooth suddenly break, leaving an embarrassing gap in their smile. With E4D, Dr. Cranham can fit and place a crown in one visit, often in approximately one hour. Previously, a patient would have to come in for at least two visits before leaving with a permanent crown.

Dr. Cranham seeks to enhance the comfort and convenience of dentistry for his Chesapeake, VA area patients, using these and other dental technologies to ease anxiety and allow patients to return quickly to daily routines after a procedure.

When treating patients with bite disorders and TMJ, Dr. Cranham uses T-scan technology. This technology enables him to determine the alignment of a patient’s bite as well as the force with which their teeth are making contact- significant information when diagnosing TMJ problems and planning treatment that will bring relief and effective results.

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