Ready for dentistry without a drill or needles?

Dental technology continues to make the patient experience at the dentist a pleasant one, with reduced recovery times, more accurate results and fewer side effects. Dr. Cranham, a nationally recognized cosmetic and restorative dentist, has incorporated some of the leading dental technologies, such as the Waterlase dental laser into his Chesapeake dental office. Come in and experience how these enhancements can improve your long term results with less pain!

Laser dentistry enables Dr. John Cranham, a Chesapeake cosmetic and general dentist, to treat a wide variety of dental health problems without a drill, scalpel or the use of needles!

The Waterlase dental laser that Dr. Cranham has incorporated into his Chesapeake dental office combines laser energy with atomized water. Waterlase can safely and effectively remove soft tissues of the mouth such as gum tissue and can also gently remove tooth enamel in preparation for a dental filling or restorative procedure. This technology has been FDA approved for use with both adults and children.

In most cases, patients receiving treatment with the Waterlase dental laser do not require an anesthetic: the laser powered stream of water also helps to numb the area being treated and patients don’t have to experience the after effects of traditional numbing agents or anesthetics!

Waterlase is frequently used in the treatment of gum disease, cavity preparation, root canals and many other procedures. For patients who suffer with dental anxiety or who fear the noise of traditional dental tools, treatment with Waterlase can provide a more comfortable experience.

If you have been avoiding a trip to the dentist, laser dentistry can offer treatment for soft tissue and other types of dental health problems without the use of many of the traditional dental tools that make patients uncomfortable. Dr. Cranham can discuss your oral health needs during a preventive care exam- laser dentistry can help to restore oral health and enhance your smile!

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