As we grow older, our teeth begin to show the wear and tear of age and are more susceptible to damage and discoloration. In addition to naturally darkening over time, teeth begin to lose enamel and can crack and chip more easily.

Cosmetic Dentistry can be an important part of caring for our aging teeth. Cosmetic treatments can both enhance our natural smile and help to support long term dental health by strengthening the teeth.

Dr. Cranham is a nationally recognized cosmetic dentist in Chesapeake who offers his patients the latest cosmetic dental procedure options, using modern dental technology for excellent results.

Dr. Cranham believes in “complete dentistry” as practiced by the Dawson Academy, and will first determine if there is an underlying dental issue that is the root cause of a cosmetic concern. Before recommending a cosmetic treatment, Dr. Cranham will address any possible dental issues to ensure that all treatments bring comfortable results that will function naturally and last for years to come.

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