It is a common belief that a root canal is a miserable and painful experience and many patients cringe when this procedure is mentioned!

Truth be told, a root canal is actually a very important procedure that can save a natural tooth- something that has become an important facet of modern dentistry. In many cases, Dr. Cranham or Dr. Myers will recommend a root canal in a diseased or infected tooth to preserve the natural tooth and maintain overall oral health. Keeping the natural teeth helps to support bone retention and the integrity of adjacent teeth.

A root canal often brings much needed relief to a patient who is suffering with the pain often associated with an infected tooth.

During a root canal, Dr. Cranham or Dr. Myers will remove the diseased or infected tissue inside the tooth, replacing it with a biocompatible material and then sealing the tooth to protect it from bacteria.

Patients are made to feel relaxed and comfortable during this and any dental treatment in Dr. Cranham’s state of the art dental office complete with amenities including massage treatment chairs!

Don’t let a toothache go untreated- come in and discuss your options with Dr. Cranham or Dr. Myers and restore your oral health.

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