In a recent article written for the Dental Arts Labs newsletter, Chesapeake dentist Dr. John Cranham discusses the patient benefits of new, evolving materials and techniques in restorative dentistry, including a case study.

Not that long ago, patients needing to restore a damaged or broken tooth, or those desiring a cosmetic procedure such as a veneer, were frequently disappointed in the long run by results that eventually needed to be replaced or were not comfortable. Sometimes patients were less than pleased with the overall functionality of their results.

New, improving materials are starting to enable dentists to provide the natural, tooth like restorations that patients desire and that offer lasting, comfortable results!

With an emphasis on retaining and maintaining the natural teeth for as long as possible, modern dentistry seeks to continue developing restorative materials and techniques for the long term benefit of dental patients. Maintaining a healthy smile can be an important part of overall quality of life.

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