Missing a tooth can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and affect daily life for patients, but missing all of one’s teeth can cause dramatic changes to both dental health and overall health.

When a patient is missing all of their teeth, replacement options need to be considered carefully as they can affect daily life and long term health. Traditional options such as dentures can have drawbacks that may affect eating habits, diet and social interactions. But modern restorative dentistry offers new options with better long term results that are more natural looking and functional.

For many patients needing to replace all of their upper or lower teeth, Dr. Cranham often recommends the All-on-Four procedure. All-on-Four uses strategically placed dental implants to secure a custom denture, offering a comfortable, stable fit. Patients do not need to use adhesives and adjust their daily diet because of slipping dentures. In addition, using dental implants helps with bone retention in the jaw which will minimize jaw shrinkage, leading to a change in the patient’s overall appearance.

All-on-Four can change someone’s life if they have been suffering with poor fitting dentures or missing teeth for some time. With this procedure, patients can smile with confidence- and eat and speak normally. Having a healthy, functional smile is important for a good quality of life, especially for adult and senior patients who may begin to avoid certain situations due to dental problems like missing teeth.

Dr. Cranham has extensive education and experience in restorative dentistry and has a nationally recognized dental lab in his Chesapeake dentist office, BayView Dental Lab. This combination of high quality dentistry and a world class dental lab in one location enables patients to see the entire process and have a highly personalized experience.

Restorative dental procedures like All-on-Four have been able to help patients maintain or improve their daily quality of life. Eating a varied, healthy diet and feeling comfortable socializing with family and friends has been proven to be a major factor in leading a fuller, richer life for as many years as possible. Modern dentistry has established the important role of dental health in overall physical well being and longevity for many people.

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