Chesapeake VA dentist Dr. John Cranham is a nationally recognized general, cosmetic and restorative dentist who balances his time as a dentist and educator, serving as a faculty member at the prestigious Dawson Academy as well as lecturing worldwide.

At his Chesapeake dentist office, Dr. Cranham offers patients 5 star dental service in a warm, relaxing and spa-like atmosphere where patients feel welcomed and have the opportunity to maintain their oral health as well as learn about the wide range of dental services offered.

Before and after photos of Dr. Cranham’s patients line the walls and videos about procedures are available in the reception area. It’s a great way to see first hand how dentistry can change a person’s smile- and their life!

For many patients, a cosmetic or restorative treatment can either bring back or enhance their natural smile, giving them a renewed sense of confidence. Having a healthy smile is also important for overall good health and a good quality of life long term. Healthy teeth and gums support eating a healthy diet and facilitate normal speech, both of which can be affected detrimentally by complex dental issues such as bite disorders or tooth loss.

Relax and enjoy a massage in your dental chair while having your teeth cleaned! Dr. Cranham has Bose headphones available for patients wishing to enjoy their favorite music and a DVD library for those who prefer a visual distraction during treatment. Treat yourself to a movie while Dr. Cranham and his staff attend to your dental health goals and help you achieve the smile you have always wanted!

Dr. Cranham and his staff also provide concierge services for out of town patients, helping to coordinate hotels and local dining to ensure a pleasant stay in the area.

Your smile is part of who you are and keeping it healthy will ensure that you can share it with others for year to come!

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