Individuals with TMJ in Chesapeake, VA should seek treatment right away so that they are able to speak, yawn and eat comfortably. A mouthguard may be prescribed, but there are certain things you can do on your own time to reduce the amount of discomfort your TMJ disorder causes. For example, there are various types of foods that can severely aggravate the problem. If you suffer from TMJ, then do your best to limit your consumption of these foods.

Chewy Foods

You do not want to work your jaw too hard when suffering from a damaged temporomandibular joint. Foods that force you to chew a lot such as gum, caramel and taffy should be avoided. Instead, focus on softer foods such as mashed potatoes, lean meats and yogurt.

Crunchy Foods

Hard vegetables and chips may be difficult to eat with TMJ because you have to use more force to bite down. You want to ease the muscle tension, and try to stick with soft foods. Instead of eliminating hard vegetables entirely, try cooking them to make them softer.

Foods High in Fat

Red meats and fried foods are not particularly healthy anyway, but you should limit them in your diet if you have issues with your jaw. In order to get plenty of protein in your diet, you should stick with eating fish and chicken.

Eating Too Much

One symptom of TMJ is that you will be unable to open your mouth very wide. Therefore, it can be painful to try to eat huge burgers or sandwiches. While you have TMJ, eat smaller portions. You will know that you are opening your mouth too wide because painful popping noises typically occur.

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