There are several options for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants in Chesapeake, VA are one option you can go with, and while they are more invasive than other treatments, there are some serious advantages to getting them. Talk to your dentist to learn more about getting a dental implant restoration.


Before getting an implant, the dentist will need to check to see that you have good oral health. There should be no other issues with your mouth such as gum disease. If something else is wrong, then that problem will need to be treated before you can proceed with implants.

Dental Implant Process

Several components are needed for the implant restoration. First, the implant itself needs to be inserted into the patient’s jaw bone. Several months need to pass in order for the implant to fuse through the process of osseointegration. A temporary crown is put over the implant at first, and you will need to stick with a diet of soft foods. Once the jaw bone has healed, an abutment can be attached to the implant, and the permanent crown is attached on top of that. This crown will be custom built in order to fit in with the rest of your teeth. This crown restoration is generally made out of porcelain.

After the Treatment

Once the permanent crown is in place, you can take care of your restoration the same way you could take care of your regular teeth. Continue brushing and flossing every day, including the area surrounding the restoration. If you suspect there are any complications, see a dental professional right away.

Get the Restoration You Need 

Dr. John C. Cranham is proficient in a number of dental treatments, including dental implant restorations. You can get a gorgeous smile while improving overall health by scheduling an appointment. Even if you are unsure of what treatment would be best, contact our office at 757.656.4109 .

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