Dr. John Cranham is a highly trained restorative and cosmetic dentist serving the Chesapeake region. Internationally recognized for his expertise and experience in diagnosing and treating occlusal disease, Dr. Cranham has helped many patients struggling with bite problems to achieve a comfortable smile. He has incorporated the latest technology into his Chesapeake dentist office to effectively diagnose and treat complex dental problems, such as TMJ.

Understanding TMJ

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge that connects your skull and your jaw and allows jaw movement. TMJ has become the commonly used term for what is actually a temporomandibular disorder (TMD)- or a bite problem.

Common symptoms of TMJ include: migraines or headaches, limited or restricted jaw mobility, facial pain, popping of the jaw, teeth grinding, and chronic earaches. To ensure good overall dental health and quality of life, it is important to seek treatment for TMJ as early as possible.

As the Clinical Director of The Dawson Academy, Dr. Cranham stays on top of the latest information and technology for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ and other bite problems. During a routine care visit, Dr. Cranham will evaluate your bite, or occlusion, looking for common warning signs of an imbalance in the bite such as worn teeth.

Advanced Technology for Treating TMJ

Dr. Cranham offers several treatment options. Depending on your condition, Dr. Cranham may prescribe a combination of restorative treatments and the use of an oral appliance or mouth guard.

Dr. Cranham is able to offer his patients accurate diagnosis and treatment with the use of advanced digital technology:

  • Sirona Galileos (CBCT): a digital, 3-D x-ray that examines the surfaces of your temporomandibular joints for a precise diagnosis of pain.
  • Computerized Bite Analysis with TekScan: a computer system that evaluates how the teeth fit together. This offers a detailed, multi-dimensional image that a visual examination is unable to identify.
  • Computerized TMJ Analysis with Bio-JVA: a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to assess the motion of the temporomandibular joint.

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