All-On-Four Changing SmilesMissing a tooth is more than just a cosmetic concern. Missing teeth can impact the quality of life and your health. Missing teeth should be replaced for your long term wellness. Chesapeake Center For Complete Dentistry in Chesapeake, VA offers comprehensive advanced restorative dentistry for patients missing one, or all of their teeth.

For patients missing all of their teeth, replacement options have improved with advancements in dental technology. Traditional options such as dentures are still available but many patients feel that they may affect eating habits, diet, and social interactions. Dr. John Cranham uses the All-On-Four technique to secure dentures for a natural looking and functional missing tooth replacement option. Implant secured dentures are a permanent dental restoration that can replace a full set of missing teeth.

All-On-Four Chesapeake, VA

The All-on-Four procedure. All-on-Four procedure requires careful planning. Dr. Cranham will strategically place 4 dental implants that will be used to secure a custom designed denture. The implants will secure the denture offering a comfortable, stable fit. With an implant secured denture, there is no need to use adhesives and adjust their daily diet because of slipping dentures. All-On-Four dentures help secure bone retention in the jaw minimizing jaw shrinkage often associated with missing teeth.

All-On-Four can also be used to secure a current denture. Many patients suffer from poorly fitting dentures. Dr. Cranham can help you by securing your denture with dental implants. With this procedure, patients can smile with confidence- and eat and speak normally. Having a healthy, functional smile is important for a good quality of life, especially for adult and senior patients who may begin to avoid certain situations due to dental problems like missing teeth.

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Dr. Cranham has extensive education and experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and has a nationally recognized dental lab in his Chesapeake dentist office, BayView Dental Lab. This combination of high-quality dentistry and a world class dental lab in one location enables patients to receive quality care with consistent and personalized results. If you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, our Chesapeake, VA dentist office provides a range of options for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Cranham provides personalized dental treatment plans that can resolve your oral health concerns and meet your cosmetic goals. Contact our office or schedule a consultation online.

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