Practicing Great Dental Care On Vacation It’s summer time and your dream vacation is just around the corner. We believe it is important to practice excellent oral health habits no matter where you are. Chesapeake dentist Dr. John C. Cranham is an experienced dental professional dedicated to providing quality dental care to each one of his patients. We believe that great at home dental care is an important part of maintaining excellent oral health. Dr. Cranham will work with you to help develop a routine that is right for your teeth. Dr. Cranham encourages patients to visit his Chesapeake, VA dental office twice a year for a preventive care visit. Preventive care visit allows Dr. Cranham to thoroughly check your teeth for any sign of dysfunction. If you want to schedule a visit before your vacation, or even after, contact our Chesapeake dental office.

Tips For Dental Care While On Vacation

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of tips to follow while on vacation to help maintain your oral health.
Tip #1: Try to schedule a preventive care visit before your vacation. Get your mouth, teeth, and gums checked for any complex dental issues.
Tip #2: Make sure you practice normal brushing and flossing while on vacation. Don’t forget to floss at the appropriate times. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your oral hygiene has to suffer.
Tip #3: Be prepared for a dental emergency. Establish a lasting relationship with a dentist you trust is important. If you suffer from a dental emergency, give Dr. Cranham a call, he will work with you to help resolve your dental emergency as soon as possible.
Tip #4: Get a pack of ADA approved gum. We understand there isn’t alway time to brush or you may not be able to brush depending on where you are vacationing. Some gum is an approved short-term alternative to brushing.
Tip #5: Make sure you pack your toothbrush correctly. Bacteria can grow on an improperly stored toothbrush. After brushing, keep your toothbrush in a properly ventilated area.

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If you need to schedule an appointment with a trusted dentist, Dr. Cranham is an experienced cosmetic, general, and restorative dentist located in Chesapeake, VA. Please free to schedule an appointment online or call 757.656.4109 .

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