Tooth damage can occur for a variety of reasons; tooth damage can be caused by poor oral hygiene, trauma, genetics, poor diet, or an underlying dental issue. Finding the right solution to address damaged teeth can prevent further complication in the future.

Dr. Cranham is a highly trained cosmetic dentist in Chesapeake, VA. Dr. Cranham can find the right treatments to address your damaged or worn teeth. He will also identify any underlying dental issues that may have caused your teeth to weaken over time. By addressing any underlying dental concerns, Dr. Cranham is creating a strong foundation for your cosmetic dentistry treatment to last. The goal is to promote a healthier, more functional smile.

Treating Damaged Teeth in Chesapeake, VA,

During your visit, Dr. Cranham takes his time to thoroughly examine the entire occlusal system. He takes a comprehensive approach to dentistry to provide patients with detailed, complete dental care. Patients can benefit from not only receiving beautiful smile but a functional one as well.

Treatments For Damaged Teeth:

  • Dental crowns: crowns act as a cap or cover for a damaged teeth. Dental crowns can be used to address a wide range of dental concerns.
  • Dental fillings: dental fillings can be used to correct teeth that have been damaged due to tooth decay.
  • Porcelain veneers: Dental veneers can be used to correct gapped teeth, discolored teeth, cracked and chipped teeth.
  • Tooth bonding: Tooth bonding can be used to address cracks, chips or to realign a misaligned bite.

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If you are seeking a solution for damaged or worn teeth, you can visit our Chesapeake, VA dental office. Dr. Cranham has years of experience helping patients achieve their ideal smile. Through patient-focused dental care and thorough treatment planning, Dr. Cranham can provide you with the solution you need to improve your natural smile. Patients can contact our Chesapeake, VA dental office to schedule an appointment or schedule an appointment online.

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