Do you experience frequently reoccurring headaches, especially right after waking? 

Chronic morning headaches could be a symptom of a more complex dental health concern. Teeth grinding, TMJ and sleep apnea are all commonly accompanied by morning headaches. Headaches and migraines can interfere with how you live your life, and may even cause you to miss out.

Chesapeake, VA dentist Dr. John Cranham offers comprehensive treatment for the underlying functional issues that cause chronic headaches. 

If you suffer from daily or frequent headaches, find relief with effective dental health care. While many patients do not consider headaches to be a dental health concern, it is often the case that the underlying cause of routine headaches is oral health-related.

How can I stop daily headaches?

Dr. Cranham of Chesapeake, VA offers thorough bite analysis. He will evaluate the alignment and health of your jaw joints to determine the underlying cause of your headaches.

Treatment for TMJ Headaches varies and will be personally tailored to your underlying functional concerns. There is no one size fits all treatment for TMJ and for many patients a combination treatment plan will yield optimal results.

From oral appliance therapy like a night guard or splint to advanced bite correction therapy and bite realignment, Dr. Cranham can help you find relief from chronic headaches caused by TMJ or teeth grinding. Treatment may include Invisalign, dental implants, or oral sleep appliance therapy.

Get Relief From Frequent Headaches

If you experience frequent headaches and migraines you do not have to continue to suffer. If over the counter painkillers do not relieve your symptoms, schedule a consultation with Chesapeake dentist Dr. John Cranham. A simple bite analysis and consultation can reveal whether or not your headaches are caused by TMJ dysfunction so you can receive the treatment you need to feel your best.

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