Classic Debate: Electric vs. Manual ToothbrushThis debate may be one for the ages: the electric toothbrush versus the traditional manual toothbrush. Both toothbrushes have their advantages and disadvantages that we have listed below so you can make the best decision for your lifestyle.

Electric Toothbrush Advantages

  • More Effective
  • Since electric toothbrushes not only vibrate, they also oscillate (rotates) making them more effective than a traditional toothbrush as the electric toothbrush will evenly brush each tooth with the same motions.
  • Helps For Patients With Disabilities
    • Since electric toothbrushes do the work for you, they can be found very useful for someone with limited mobility, and people who suffer from:
      • Carpal Tunnel
      • Arthritis
      • Developmental Disabilities
    • Built-In Timing
      • Most patients using a traditional toothbrush do not brush their teeth as long as they are supposed. Most electric toothbrushes today feature a built-in timer so the electric toothbrush will automatically shut off after the appropriate time has elapsed.
    • Safety
      • Another advantage of the electric toothbrush doing most of the work for you is that it is highly unlikely that you damage your tooth enamel or gums. Most patients using a manual toothbrush will tend to brush too hard damaging their gums and tooth enamel.

Electric Toothbrush Disadvantages

  • Price
    • Electric toothbrush prices can be shocking at first sight as they are much more expensive than a manual toothbrush. However, the base of an electric toothbrush tend to last a very long time, and when it is time to change your toothbrush, you only simply need to change the head of the toothbrush.
  • Travel
    • One disadvantage of the electric toothbrush is that it will need to be charged to function; this may not seem like a disadvantage too most; however, if you tend to be a forgetful person, then this can quickly become a disadvantage as you need to remember to place your electric toothbrush on the charging base before bed every nite. Also, you will need to remember to pack your electric toothbrush along with the charging base when you travel.

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