implant dentist in Chesapeake VirginiaIf you’re living with cosmetic dental problems such as crooked, overcrowded, missing, or broken teeth, you might be surprised to learn that there are actual health-related reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry. Some issues that might seem only cosmetic actually affect your oral health and even the health of your body. It’s important to see a dentist to understand your options for restoring your smile and confidence. Dr. John Cranham is a Chesapeake, VA dentist who can help restore and preserve your smile.

Ensure Your Teeth Wear Evenly

When teeth are misaligned, they can wear unevenly over time, causing premature tooth decay. Excessive tooth wear in one spot can result in exposure of the dentin, the sensitive layer under the enamel, which is more sensitive and decays faster than enamel. If this happens, teeth can wear down to their stumps, exposing the patient to tooth decay and possibly tooth loss.

A common cause for excessive tooth wear is an uneven bite, which usually results from an overbite, underbite, jaw injury, missing or crooked teeth, or perhaps an uneven crown or molding fit. These are problems that cosmetic dentistry can fix in several ways to include dental implants, bridges, veneers, dentures, or other options.

Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Crooked or overcrowded teeth may indicate deeper problems beneath the gums. Teeth can shift in your mouth and become overcrowded if there’s no room for them to go. When this happens, teeth may crack from the stress, as they aren’t flexible and can’t bend around each other. This can lead to infection in the tooth or roots.

Crooked, chipped, or broken teeth tend to be difficult to keep clean. When teeth aren’t cleaned properly, oral bacteria and leftover food particles create plaque, which destroys enamel. Oral bacteria can also infect the gums and cause the gums to swell and pull away from the teeth, allowing even more bacteria in. Over time this can lead to loss of stability or tooth loss.

Improve Overall Health

Gum disease has been shown to threatening to your overall health by increasing the risk for such ailments as diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. As stated above, an uneven bite, fractured or overcrowded teeth, or even missing teeth can cause gum disease simply due to the fact that they make teeth more difficult to clean. Treating what seems like a cosmetic problem can actually help keep your body healthy.

Improve Your Smile in Chesapeake, VA

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