Summer Dental Care TipsMany of us are thrown off of our normal routines in the summer due to vacations and other outside of the norm activities. It’s easy to forget about basic tasks such as your oral care routine during the summer, especially when you’re traveling. As you enjoy summer activities such as swimming, camping, cookouts, and more, follow these tips so your teeth stay healthy and strong.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water directly benefits to your teeth. During the heat of the summer, especially when swimming or drinking alcohol, it is very easy to get dehydrated which will keep your mouth from producing enough saliva. A dry mouth increases bacterial growth because there is less saliva washing away plaque that they feed upon. You can help prevent tooth decay by making sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day.

Store Your Toothbrush Properly When Traveling

Toothbrushes spend around four minutes in your mouth every day, so making sure your brush is cleaned and stored properly is important. Keep your toothbrush as dry as possible when you’re not using it and don’t leave it in a closed container for longer than necessary. Bacteria love dark, moist places, so a wet toothbrush in your luggage could lead to mildew on your toothbrush. When you arrive at your summer destination, take your toothbrush out of its container or plastic bag and let it air dry upright so moisture runs down out of the bristles.

Make Your Back-to-School Dental Appointment

Dentist’s offices fill up fast in the fall when everyone is trying to look their best for the new school year. So it’s important to schedule your dental appointment early. Back-to-school is right around the corner and it’s a good time of year for parents to schedule their kids’ routine dental and medical appointments.

Don’t Chew on Ice

It might sound strange to say, but chewing on hard items like ice can hurt your teeth. Ice is harder than you think, and biting down on it can crack your teeth without you noticing. If you like your drinks with ice in them, avoid chewing on the ice cubes or drink something else without ice.

Limit Sugary Food and Beverages

Dentists have been warning us against the dangers of sugary food and beverages for decades now. During the summer when on vacation and attending summer barbecues, it’s easy to over-consume food with a high sugar content. Sodas and alcohol also contain sugar that can harm your teeth.

Try to limit your sugar intake as much as you can. Most importantly, make certain you’re still brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day to prevent tooth decay this summer.

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