Are you struggling with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures? It may be time to look into dental implants. But which to choose? If you’re missing all of your upper or lower teeth, All-On-Four implants can transform your life — and make you wonder why you ever tried dentures in the first place. Your Chesapeake, VA dentist, Dr. Cranham, is a dental implant expert ready to give you back your smile.all on four implants in Chesapeake Virginia

What are All-On-Four Implants?

Instead of a mouth full of implants, All-On-Four uses as few as four implants to support a cosmetic denture. Unlike traditional dentures, there are no real restrictions on what you can eat or daily maintenance required. It’s minimally invasive and can be done in a single day. These are still an option if you weren’t able to get traditional implants due to bone loss. All-On-Four implants can actually help prevent further bone loss as well.

All-On-Four implants don’t just have to be four implants. If you have the bone to support them, five-six implants can be used. This helps make the new set of teeth a little bit more secure.

All-On-Four Process

To start, you have the most important part of the process. Treatment planning uses digital impressions of your teeth and CAT scans for 3-D images of your teeth and jawbone. These images are examined to figure out the best placement for the actual posts that will be implanted. It’s essential to get the most secure placement possible so that the implants can last a lifetime like they’re intended to. The posts are angled strategically depending on the structure of your jawbone. In addition, the actual denture that’s made has to be an exact fit to your mouth.

Then, the surgery takes place. An oral surgeon will remove any damaged teeth that are still in your mouth. They’ll also take out any infected tissue present in your gums or jaw. After all of this is removed, the dental implants are put in. According to the impressions and scans that were taken, the implants are strategically placed in the best spots in your mouth to make sure they last.

When you leave the surgery, you’ll have a temporary denture, so you’ll have a full new smile that day. You will have to wait for the swelling to go down from the surgery before getting your permanent smile. After your recovery, you’ll get your new set of teeth. These can be adjusted as needed so they’re comfortable and the perfect fit for you.

All-On-Four Recovery

While these do require a lot less work than traditional dentures, they won’t work right away. The swelling and pain will go down after only a couple of weeks. However, the implants won’t be fully healed for around six weeks. You have to be extremely careful during the healing process. If you’re trying to bite into something like an apple right away, it could harm the implants. We’ll provide instructions for aftercare after the surgery. It’s important to be patient and know that it’ll be worth it to have teeth that look and work naturally in the long run. It just won’t be able to happen the instant you leave the operating room.

Recovering properly also means you have to find the right person to do the procedure. Dr. Cranham is an experienced professional in dental implants. He can recommend what’s truly right for you. If you’re eligible for more than four implants, he can tell you. If for some reason, you don’t have enough bone for even the four, he can let you know. The surgery isn’t done until all parties are sure that this is the best option for your new smile.

An Experienced Dentist in Chesapeake, VA

Don’t let just anyone do your All-On-Four procedure. Go with a dentist you can trust. Dr. Cranham is a professional that’ll take care of you. Schedule an appointment online or call us today to get the smile you’ve always wanted!


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