Looking to get porcelain veneers to brighten up your smile, but are unsure about the process? The Chesapeake Center for Complete Dentistry is here to help. Getting porcelain veneers in Chesapeake, VA is a practically painless process, and they keep your smile shining for years to come. This is a step-by-step guide to what the three-visit porcelain veneers procedure will be like

Analysis and Planning

For the first step, Dr. Cranham has to take a detailed look at your teeth. He’ll also talk to you about your expectations and what you want with your new smile. During this process, he’ll determine if it’s best to put veneers on every tooth or just a few. He’ll also explain the procedure to you, let you know of any special preparations you’ll have to take, and answer any questions you may have.

Porcelain Veneer Preparation

woman starts porcelain veneer procedure in Chesapeake VirginiaAt your second visit, you get down to business. The dentist will remove a very thin layer of enamel from each tooth that will be fitted with a veneer. After this is done, you may get temporary veneers while your permanent ones are being made. While local anesthesia is occasionally needed for the enamel removal process, most patients are just fine without it.

Once the enamel is removed, an impression is taken of your smile. This is sent to the expert that’ll be hand-making your veneers. They’ll be specifically tailored to the impression of your teeth, as well as the specified color that you would’ve chosen for your new smile. This careful process takes about two to three weeks, and then your veneers will be ready.

Dental Bonding for Porcelain Veneers

The last appointment is where your permanent veneers will actually be bonded to your real teeth. Dr. Cranham will make sure the fit and color are both perfect. If you decide that the color needs to be changed, he’ll tint the bonding material so that it meets your approval. Once you’re completely set, your tooth is cleaned to ensure the best fit for the veneer. Bonding cement and a special light are used to permanently adhere the veneer to your tooth. Your smile is all set!

The Importance of Aftercare

Make sure that you take exquisite care of your veneers. This is the way to get the most life out of them. After about two weeks, you’ll have a follow-up visit at our Chesapeake, VA dentist’s office. We’ll make sure that none of them are loose and that they look exactly like they should.

When you’re practicing at-home oral care, don’t be worried about them being damaged. You can proceed with a normal brushing and flossing routine. Your only restriction is to make sure that you’re using non-abrasive toothpaste when you’re brushing. Porcelain veneers are also very resistant to stains, so you’ll be able to continue to have coffee and tea if you’re a regular drinker.

Our Chesapeake, VA Dental Services

Dr. Cranham and staff are happy to offer you premier dental services in the Chesapeake, VA area. We’re ready to give you a beautiful smile that looks and feels natural. If you’re ready to revitalize your smile with porcelain veneers, schedule an appointment online!

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