Are you missing teeth in your smile zone? Do your lost teeth bring down your confidence?

Your dentist in Chesapeake VA, Dr. John Cranham recommends replacing those missing teeth as soon as possible. Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, Dr. Cranham and his team offer many options for replacement. Many patients prefer dental implants over removable options because they provide long-term and highly effective results. Dental implants are now a routine procedure and offer a high success rate.

Who is a good candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are for people of all ages who are missing one tooth, missing several teeth or even all of their teeth. Patients must be in good overall health and have enough bone structure to support the implant. For some patients, we may recommend some treatments before you are able to begin the dental implant process. This could include gum disease treatment, bone grafting, or tooth extractions. Dr. Cranham will perform a comprehensive exam to see you qualify for teeth implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental Implants include many cosmetic and over-all health benefits. Dr. Cranham offers his patients dental implants to give them a stable and healthy smile that will last a lifetime. They are the next best thing to natural teeth! No matter how you lost your teeth, dental implants are the most advanced solution for the replacement of missing teeth. The benefits of dental implants include:

  • If you choose a dental bridge or removable dentures, your dentist will have to grind down the neighboring teeth to provide a place to attach the dental bridge. This damages and also places stress on your healthy teeth. Dental implants maintain the integrity of the surrounding teeth.
  • When compared to bridges or dentures, dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. You will be able to smile without worrying about your teeth looking like they are fake.
  • Dental implants are surgically implanted into your jaw bone making them a permanent restoration. They won’t slip around in your mouth or fall out when you are talking.
  • People with dentures and bridges must avoid hard and sticky food. Dental implants allow you to eat a normal diet without food restrictions.
  • When a tooth goes missing, that void will cause bone loss because the jaw bone requires constant stimulation. Dental implants are the only teeth replacement option that puts a stop to bone loss. The dental implant post will replace the tooth root thus stimulation the jaw bone.
  • Caring for your removable dental restorations can be a tedious and time consuming job. Bridges and dentures require extra care and sticky adhesives. Dental implants require the same care as your natural teeth, daily brushing and flossing.
  • Other options for missing teeth, such as dentures, will eventually need replaced, rebased or repaired. That cost can add up over a lifetime. When properly placed and cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime.

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