Chesapeake Center for Complete Dentistry is a state-of-the-art dentist office offering unsurpassed restorative dentistry services including dental implant. Our office is home to Dr. John C. Cranham, a highly respected and renowned dentist in Chesapeake, VA. We offer dental implants to patients missing one tooth, have multiple missing teeth and that are missing all of their upper or lower teeth.

In many cases, Dr. Cranham can complete the entire procedure in his Chesapeake dentist office. For other cases, he may work with a local specialist to complete the surgical phase of treatment and carry out the implant restoration in his office. Dental implants are a more permanent solution for missing teeth. Dr. Cranham and his team offer many types of dental implants.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental Implant Secured Dental Crown

Even a single missing tooth is detrimental to your oral and overall health. A missing tooth can cause problems with eating, speech and oral health issues like gum disease that can worsen over time. Dr. Cranham recommends a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth. First, the dental implant post will be surgically implanted into your jaw bone.

Once healed in about 3-6 months, the abutment will be attached, and a dental crown will be used to complete the restoration at our Chesapeake, VA dentist office. The dental crown will be custom designed to aesthetically fit your smile.

Dental Implant Secured Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an affordable treatment option for replacing several consecutively missing teeth. It can be removable or fixed by attaching them to adjacent teeth using dental crowns. With both of these options, the long term outcome is often less than desirable and may require replacement down the road as the loss of teeth impacts the jaw and fit of the bite over time.

Dr. Cranham recommends dental bridges anchored by dental implants. First, an implant post will be surgically implanted in to the jaw bone to replace each missing tooth. Once healed in 3-6 months, the crowns are placed and connected together to form the dental bridge. Dental implants secured dental bridge provides more structural support for the jaw and bite and need less maintenance.

Dental Implant Secured Denture

Implant secured dentures, or All-on-4 dental implants, offer a more comfortable and lasting result when all of the top or bottom teeth are lost. Many patients struggle with dentures that slip sometimes leading to embarrassing situations. Dentures that are secured using dental implants will eliminate that slipping. The most important phase in the All-On-4 dental implant process is the treatment planning. Dr. Cranham will use digital impressions and cone beam CAT scans to produce high resolution 3-D imaging for treatment planning.

Then, as few as four dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw which will maintain healthy jaw bone structure. These dental implants will be used to secure a cosmetic denture for a functional and stable smile. All-on-4 dental implants allow patients to enjoy a diet without restriction and can help patients feel more confident in their smile. Dentures secured by dental implants also eliminate the need for glues, adhesives, soaks or rinses.

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