All On Four dental implants have made it possible for patients missing a full arch, or a full set of teeth, to enjoy the long term benefits of dental implants. All On Four is an innovate procedure that works through strategic planning and placement of only a few dental implants to secure a permanent denture. The All On 4 dental implants technique uses as few as four strategically placed dental implants that will secure a cosmetic denture for a functional and stable smile. This unique treatment approach can bring back full function without the need for daily maintenance, dietary restriction and garbled speech that often accompany traditional dentures.

About the All On Four Process

All On Four takes precise and careful treatment planning. Norfolk, VA dentist Dr. John C. Cranham will work with patients on an individual basis to build a personalized treatment plan that maximizes the use of any healthy bone structure for optimal results. Dr. Cranham will use digital impressions and cone beam CAT scans to produce high resolution 3-D imaging for treatment planning. Dr. Cranham works with a local radiologist to carefully read and interpret the scans for the accurate placement of the four implanted titanium posts.

One of the key features of the All-On-Four procedure is that it works through surgically placing four tiny titanium posts into the jaw at a specific angle. The method optimizes and takes advantage of healthy, existing bone structure for long term results. Dr. Cranham will also place a temporary denture so you can leave our Norfolk, VA dentist office with a fully functional smile. Once the posts heal and integrate with the jaw bone, in about 3-6 months, Dr. Cranham will permanently secure the final restoration.

Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

Patients who are experiencing difficulty with an ill fitted denture could benefit from the All On 4 dental implants procedure. Norfolk, VA dentist, Dr. Cranham can secure a cosmetic denture with strategic implant placement for patients who have been wearing dentures for many years.

Dental implant secured dentures offer many added benefits compared to dentures. They provide stability and assurance that your denture will not slip while speaking or eating. Because implants are surgically placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth roots, they stabilize the bone in the jaw and this helps to prevent jaw line recession. Dental implant secured dentures require similar maintenance as your natural teeth. You should brush them and visit Dr. Cranham at least twice a year check on the implants and ensure that the denture is working properly.

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If you have a full set of missing teeth, Dr. Cranham provides consultations for the all on four technique in his Norfolk, VA and Chesapeake, VA area dentist office. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Cranham. He and his knowledgeable staff will discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see if all on four dental implants are the right choice for you.

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