A large percentage of Dr. John C. Cranham’s practice is directed towards Advanced Restorative Dentistry. This is devoted to patients whose teeth are not in the correct position either cosmetically, functionally or both. These problems can lead to worn teeth, broken teeth, sore joints, sore muscles and a poor overall appearance. Your dentists in Chesapeake VA also offers cosmetic dentistry services.

What is Restorative Dentistry in Chesapeake, VA?

Restorative dentistry is focused on restoring health, aesthetics, and function to teeth that are broken, worn down or missing. Restorative dentistry may include the treatment of gum disease, tooth decay, and replacing missing teeth.

Treating these types of concerns effectively will restore more than your smile, it can give you back your quality of life and ability to feel confident in professional and social settings. Dr. Cranham’s goal is to provide personalized treatment that meets your needs, your goals, and your budget.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

The center of a successful outcome is to begin with an appropriate diagnosis. Where many patients have had dental procedures done over and over, with one failed result after another, restorative dentistry focuses on fixing the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

After a thorough analysis of your teeth, gums, bite, face and neck, Dr. Cranham will sit down with you and discuss the ideal treatments to get the jaw joints, muscles and teeth to work with each other, rather than against each other. A series of treatments including preventive, cosmetic and restorative procedures will be recommended.

The treatments recommended will largely depend on each specific case. Dr. Cranham works with specialists to ensure expert treatment including orthodontists and oral surgeons to help with the placement of dental implants. We provide restorative dental procedures ranging from simple dental crowns to full mouth reconstruction.

Having Bayview Dental Laboratory in the same building with us will allow you to meet the dental technician who will be fabricating your restorations. This customized, team approach to restorative dentistry will provide you with a dental experience second to none!

Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth, Dr. Cranham will recommend dental implants to replace them. It is important to replace them as soon as possible because once a tooth is lost, the bone will begin to deteriorate. It will continue to deteriorate if no treatment is sought, making replacement options more and more difficult while potentially affecting other teeth.

Patients with missing teeth are also more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay and additional tooth loss. Dental implants are the only solution that will prevent bone loss. The implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone essentially acting like a replacement tooth root.

Our dentist in Chesapeake, VA will coordinate the surgical phase of your implant procedure with a local oral surgeon or periodontist for the surgical phase of the implant process. It will take about 3-6 months for all soft tissues to heal and the post to integrate into the bone. You will then return to our dentist office where are your permanent restoration is placed.

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