Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. Many of our patients hide their smile because they are embarrassment by their stained or discolored teeth. Teeth whitening can provide a fresh, white smile and address stains and discoloration that are the result of age and lifestyle habits.

Dr. John C. Cranham offers teeth whitening in his Norfolk, VA area dentist office. Choose either the convenience of at-home teeth whitening or the instant results of Zoom!™ Whitening which is an in-office teeth whitening system. Either way, you’ll get a remarkable improvement in the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. Dr. Cranham may suggest teeth whitening combined with other restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures for a total smile makeover.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs Over-the-Counter

It may be tempting to try one of the many over the counter whitening options, but for the best results, its best to let a professional whiten your teeth. These whitening tooth pastes, strips and gels will take months before you will see any results, if any at all.

It is also much safer to have a dentist oversee your whitening treatment. It is actually customized to meet your unique needs and goals. Also, professional teeth whitening products will maximize results while minimizing side effects like tooth sensitivity, a common side effect of whitening.

Convenient At-Home Teeth Whitening

Many patients prefer the convenience of professional at-home teeth whitening kits. Norfolk, VA area dentist, Dr. Cranham will create custom bleaching trays that will fit perfectly against your teeth and gums for minimal sensitivity and even whitening of the teeth.

At-home teeth bleaching trays are typically worn for 2 – 3 hours or overnight, depending on what the dentist recommends. At-home teeth whitening is also great for touch-ups and patients who want to maintain their Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening results.

Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening

If you want sparkling, whiter teeth instantly, Dr. Cranham offers Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening to his patients from the Norfolk, VA area. This teeth whitening system is the number one patient requested professional teeth whitening brand and allows you to whiten your teeth up to eight shades.

Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening is ideal for patients who want immediate results. In one hour’s time, the treatment is done and you will be left with a whiter, brighter smile.

You may experience mild tooth sensitivity following Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening treatment. Dr. Cranham will take steps to minimize sensitivity during and after treatment through the use of special pastes. Generally, tooth sensitivity subsides in 1 – 3 days following professional teeth whitening.

The advantages of ZOOM! Whitening includes:

  • No messy trays to wear
  • Can be done on your lunch hour
  • Dramatic results that last

Other Teeth Whitening Options

Dr. Cranham will examine your teeth and discuss your oral health and lifestyle habits. He will determine if the Zoom!™ Whitening or the at-home teeth whitening trays are best for you and will meet your needs and goals. For patients whose teeth may not respond to a professional teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Cranham may suggest other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers.

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