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Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD), commonly known as TMJ disorder, is a complicated group of conditions, often characterized by jaw pain and limited mobility in the jaw and surrounding tissue. Few clinicians are trained to properly identify, diagnose and treat TMD.

As the Clinical Director of The Dawson Academy, Dr. Cranham has access to the latest information in regards to the diagnosis and treatment of bite problems and TMJ related issues.

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If you are concerned that you may have a bite problem or TMJ disorder, schedule an appointment with Dr. Cranham. He will provide a thorough evaluation of your bite function and overall dental health condition. Dr. Cranham will then be able to offer the proper TMJ treatment in the Norfolk, VA and Chesapeake, VA area.

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  • Featured Case: TMJ Treatment

    TMJ Treatment Featured Case by Chesapeake VA Dentist Dr. Cranham“Before I met Dr. Cranham, I didn’t have anything to smile about, but now, since I’ve met Dr. Cranham, I have a beautiful smile and no more headaches when I get up in the morning. Thanks, Dr. Cranham!”

  • What Is TMJ?

    TMJ is short for Temporomandibular Joint, the joint that connects the upper and lower jaw and is responsible for the opening and closing of the mouth. TMJ disorder is a catch all term for a wide variety of potential issues affecting the jaw joint, muscles in the face, neck, and surrounding nerves.

    Common Causes of TMJ Disorder

    There is no single cause for TMJ dysfunction. Any number of factors or combination of factors may be to blame including:

    • Trauma to the head, neck, or face
    • Trauma to the TMJ joint or arthritis
    • Hormonal changes or imbalances
    • Malocclusion (where the jaws do not line up correctly resulting in bite problems)
    • Stress

    Common TMJ Symptoms

    As with the causes, symptoms of TMJ disorder vary greatly between patients. TMJ symptoms often mask themselves or are similar to those of other medical conditions, making diagnosis extremely difficult. Common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

    • Frequent Headaches
    • Shoulder, neck, facial pain
    • Clicking or popping when opening or closing jaw
    • Locked jaw or limited mobility in the jaw joint
    • Teeth clenching, teeth grinding, often accompanied by tooth wear
    • Chronic earaches
  • Customized TMJ Therapy to Restore Comfortable Function

    Improper bite alignment and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems can cause pain as well as deterioration of teeth and supporting structures. Dr. Cranham evaluates smiles for these problems as part of comprehensive treatment planning. He has extensive knowledge of bite problems and TMJ-related issues and provides contemporary therapies to alleviate discomfort and restore optimal function.

    Because no two patients are alike, there is no single course of treatment for TMJ disorder. Depending on your condition, Dr. Cranham may prescribe a combination of TMJ treatments for optimal results:

    • Tooth reshaping
    • Dental crowns
    • Orthodontics
    • Splint therapy
    • Mouth guard
    • Dental implants
  • Advanced Bite Correction Technology

    In addition to his extensive training and research on TMJ dysfunction and bite correction, Dr. Cranham uses three high-tech systems to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of these complicated conditions. These state-of-the-art tools help Dr. Cranham isolate the source of distress and design effective treatment to eliminate TMJ pain and improve oral function.

    Sirona Galileos (CBCT)

    Sirona Galileos is a digital, 3-D X-ray that allows to look at all surfaces of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). This is a critical step to assess the health, and reach a firm diagnosis on the source of your pain. We are proud to be one of the few general practices in The Mid-Atlantic Region to utilize this technology.

    Computerized Bite Analysis with TekScan

    TekScan is a computer-based system that assesses how teeth fit together. A visual exam doesn’t clearly show bite inconsistencies. TekScan gives Dr. Cranham a detailed image that clearly illustrates a patient’s bite problems. This allows him to accurately diagnose and treat improper alignment.

    Computerized TMJ Analysis with Bio-JVA

    JVA stands for Joint Vibration Analysis. This high-tech, non-invasive system quickly and effectively evaluates the motion of TMJ. With Bio-JVA, Dr. Cranham can determine current function and customize a TMJ therapy plan to restore smooth joint motion and alleviate discomfort.

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"Dr. Cranham and his team are amazing! I have had years of challenges with TMJ and Dr. Cranham has found innovative treatments to correct my bite and my smile. Dr. Cranham is caring and gentle, which is important to me, as I have been a nervous dental patient. His knowledge and experience are impressive and I love recommending him to my clients who are new to Hampton Roads. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Cranham and Staff!"

-Nancy K.

"I came to Dr. Cranham's office unhappy with the over all look of my front teeth. I wanted them whiter and wanted the edges to be more uniform and to close spaces, at the gumline, that were left after having braces. After an examination and a consultation, we determined the best course of treatment for me would be a combination of bleaching some teeth and doing veneers on others. This enabled us to be very conservative but also give me the look I wanted . I am so thankful to my dental team for giving me the smile I envisioned."

-David V.

"I am typically not an easygoing patient; however, my experience with Dr. Cranham and his staff continues to be nothing short of excellent. I am constantly reminded of my satisfaction with their work by a steady stream of compliments from both friends and strangers."

-Katie H.

"Dr. Cranham gave me the smile I always knew I had inside. Due to medical issues as a young child, my permanent teeth did not have the whiteness I wanted. In almost every family and school picture I took, I wouldn’t show my teeth. Dr. Cranham changed my life and gave me the confidence to greet the world with a smile."

-Mark C.

"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Cranham. He listens carefully to what you want and your concerns and shows you what he thinks would be good for you. He has the most up-to-date equipment and an office staff second to none. He does beautiful work, and thanks to him, I don’t have to be self conscious about my smile anymore."

-Barbara C.