Oral cancer screening is always an important part of routine preventive care visits with Dr. Cranham. A growing health issue, oral cancer is treatable with a high cure rate when caught in the early stages. However, without routine screening, patients may not realize they have oral cancer until it has progressed due to the nature of the disease and lack of symptoms until late stage development.

Unfortunately, the success rate for treatment and cure drops significantly in the later stages, making these annual screenings crucial to maintaining both oral and overall good health.

Dr. Cranham now offers enhanced oral cancer screening with the incorporation of the VELscope® Vx Oral Assessment System. This non invasive technology is an important addition to oral cancer screening, providing a more in depth view of tissue changes that can signal possible cancer. VELscope® is a hand held device used to examine the mouth and tongue which uses blue-spectrum light to highlight irregular tissue that the naked eye may not notice. Not a replacement for the traditional mouth and neck exam used to detect oral cancers, this technology enhances the exam and enables Dr. Cranham to provide more accurate diagnosis when tissue is damaged by disease.

Dr. Cranham offers VELscope® oral cancer screening for $45.00.

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