Meeting Requirements
Audio/Visual Requirements (Half or Full Day Program)
It is extremely important to work with a qualified A/V company, that is accustomed to setting up for presentations. If they need to talk with me prior to the program, that would be fine. Below is a list of the things I will require to give you my very best. I will be presenting the program from a MAC Laptop using a a Keynote presentation format. My preference is to present in a widescreen 3:1 format. Due to the added expense of the projectors & screens I can also present in 4:3. This is up to the host, but we need to determine this well in advance. I will require the following:

A Video Projection Unit with the following specifications:

  • Greater than 2500ansi-lumens
  • XGA or greater resolution (1024 x 768)
  • All cords necessary to plug into my laptop, and into the projector
  • Audio Input for my laptop, and appropriate sound system for the size of the room

For groups larger than 25 people:

  • A cordless microphone
  • A laser pointer
  • Large Screen, appropriate for the size of the room and audience (consult with A/V company)
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